Who we are

This Website is operated by a group of specialist intellectual property lawyers, most of us practising by ourselves or in small firms. It is designed to facilitate our international work in the trade mark field. Because we do not carry the overheads of larger firms, we offer superb service at reasonable rates.

We work around the world, in our home countries. Because flows of goods and services do not stop at national borders we recognise the importance of working closely together in different jurisdictions. This was our reason for establishing close co-operation between lawyers dealing with trade mark law in a wide range of countries.

What makes us different

There are many international "best friend" networks for lawyers, and for trade mark specialists in particular a good list of contacts is essential. But members of IPPG are more than just contacts: criteria for membership go beyond just being friends. All full members of the network have worked with at least one other member of the network, and therefore come with a recommendation. One member might never have met another member, but can refer a case to them with confidence.

Members of the network provide information for other members about their charges and about the process of registering a trade mark in their countries. Sharing price information between competitors would probably be unlawful, so we restrict membership to one lawyer per country. There is no network member in the USA, because we all have many friends there and it would be impossible to choose one of them: and although many of our members practise in the European Union, we do not share price information about Community trade marks - members may choose which EU-based lawyer they wish to use.

How we can help you

Do you need the help of a trade mark lawyer? We probably have a member in the country you are looking in. Please contact the webmaster and we will be pleased to introduce you to a colleague there. Most of the information on the IPPG website is in protected areas and designed for members of the group. Membership is strictly by invitation only, so please do not request access. If you have any questions about the network, please send an email to the webmaster. Members may enter the website using the link sent to them by email.

Markus Bahmann (SSP Schiessl Rechtsanwälte, München)

Peter Groves (CJ Jones Solicitors LLP, London)

Santosh Vikram Singh (FoxMandal, Bangalore)

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